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Washington Redskins

Chicago fans boo Mitchell Trubisky at Bulls-Celtics game


Newly drafted Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was welcomed by Chicago fans with some boos during Game 6 of Bulls’ NBA playoff series with the Boston Celtics, according to ESPN.

The Bears made a shocking move to trade up to select Trubisky at No. 2 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft on Thursday; Chicago made a deal with the San Francisco 49ers, moving up just one spot in return for giving the 49ers a third- and fourth-round pick this year (picks 67 and 111) and a third-round pick in 2018.

Part of fans’ frustration is the shock that came with picking Trubisky. The Bears signed quarterback Mike Glennon to a three-year deal with $18.5 million guaranteed in the offseason (which was also highly criticized).

You would think a decision like this would involve input from the coaches, but Chicago’s front office was operating by itself. Perhaps they don’t feel too confident in Fox’s future with the franchise considering this is a move that will affect the team for several years.

As for Pace and McCaskey, they clearly saw a guy they wanted, and they took drastic measures to make sure they got him. In addition to the major trade, they set smokescreens, as Mortensen noted, with reports just the day before that they were looking to trade down.

Pace had a necessary seal of secrecy within his own organization because at least two teams, including the Cleveland Browns, had discussed potential trades within the top of the draft to select Trubisky. But Fox, as head coach, was indeed involved and well aware of the options, including the one that led to Pace’s decision to swap the No. 3 slot for the 49ers’ No. 2 slot and subsequently land Trubisky.

6 NFL draft predictions that will surprise you early


Twists and turns happen every year: players sliding out of the first round, big trades, and kickers getting picked early. Here are a few curveballs to watch for on draft night.

He repeated it three times. Belichick then preached ball security, preparation and four familiar concepts, starting with the one that gets the most attention and even has its own hashtag: “Do your job” (or #DYJ).

“I know that term gets thrown around a bit, but to me it’s not ‘Do your job,’ it’s ‘Do your job well,'” Belichick said. “We’re not getting paid to show up, we’re getting paid to perform well professionally.”

Pay attention. Work hard. Put the team first. Belichick has weaved simple coaching concepts into a process that has formed a NFL dynasty stretching two decades.

This isn’t the Belichick you’re used to seeing on TV. Instead of the hoodie, Belichick wore a designer suit with matching lavender shirt and pocket square. Instead of delivering monotone two- and three-syllable answers, Belichick dove into a speech delving into a coaching philosophy that has produced five Super Bowl championships with the Patriots — with detailed examples for every step.

He was a great runner. He was good at reading defenses, sometimes fooling them completely, and flicking an easy deep ball. From last season against Bama:

Jim Kelly spoke at some length about his nephew in an Associated Press article in 2015. He said his nephew had a “very special arm.”

Welcome back! Here’s Friedman’s “30 Thoughts” from this week to follow along to.


L.A. wants an offensive-minded coach, huh? Give Kirk Muller a call. Also, I can’t wait to see how an offensive coach handles that roster. It probably indicates that Blake is ready to start some major overhauls throughout the Kings’ system. I bet Kings fans would welcome it.

OK. I’m not the biggest Dean Lombardi fan, mainly because of his USA Hockey roster management. But sending Friedman on a wild goose chase about the Keystone Pipeline? Mad respect.

I hope Denver coach Jim Montgomery gets a look at the NHL, but it might not happen this year with the market flooded with quality NHL coaches.

Justin Faulk. Jaccob Slavin. Ryan Murphy. Now Noah Hanifin is being brought up in Hurricanes trade circles? I don’t know what to believe anymore, because three of those guys would be untouchable on any other team.

Following the 2002 season Rooney, then head of the league’s diversity committee, sought to establish more opportunities for minority coaches to have opportunities in the NFL. The eponymous “Rooney Rule” stated that teams must interview at least one minority candidate in a hiring process for head coach, or senior football positions.

The rule has had a lasting impact on the NFL. At the start of the 2006 season, 22 percent of high-level coaches in the league came from minority backgrounds, compared to just 6 percent before the rule was implemented.

Current Panthers head coach Ron Rivera, who is hispanic, credits Rooney in part for his job.nike_bears_410-223x223

The Sidney Jones situation is different.


Reed: Realistically, this pick came down to how much and what kind of risk the Colts are willing to take with a second-round pick. They could go for an off-field risk and take OLB Tim Williams or RB Joe Mixon, both great values at this point in the draft at positions of need, or an injury risk in CB Sidney Jones. As Stampede Blue writer Matt Danely pointed out in his article, Four Draft Prospects Who Won’t be on the Colts Board, it’s unlikely either Williams or Mixon are selected by the Colts. I doubt Chris Ballard risks taking Williams after multiple failed drug tests at Alabama. I doubt Ballard risks the PR backlash of taking Mixon.

The Sidney Jones situation is different. As we all know, Jones tore his Achilles and requires at least another four to five months of rehab. However, he didn’t have any injury concerns during his lengthy career at Washington. Additionally, an Achilles injury is not the career ender it once was. Players like Terrell Suggs and Steve Smith both came back from it and produced at a high level. In general, major injuries haven’t deterred teams from taking high-quality players early.

J.J.’s little brother has seen his projection rise to Round 1. T.J. Watt, who is more of a second- or third-round talent than worthy of a top-30 draft choice, likely won’t go as high as current projections have him.

He tested well and is more than just a high-motor edge player, but Watt’s projection is situational and upside-driven. If he gets drafted in the first round, it’ll quickly become clear he was a reach.

The complete opposite of McDowell, Barnett does not offer great length, athletic upside or projection, but he is about as reliable character- and work ethic-wise as one can ask for in a prospect.

That said, drafting a prospect without great athletic upside in Round 1 is a trap. Barnett’s projection is reliant on the fact that he’s a snap anticipator. His rush moves that were successful in college might not work consistently in the NFL.

Vikings vs. Seahawks 2017 game preview: Percy Harvin is back


Percy Harvin will be making his debut for the Seattle Seahawks and, yes, he’ll be playing against his former teammates on the Minnesota Vikings. This is a big deal, and makes this game eminently watchable.

Otherwise, Sunday’s game is admittedly not a big a matchup. The Seahawks will almost assuredly be going to the playoffs and the Vikings almost assuredly will not. The fact the game is in Seattle where the Seahawks have now won 12 straight means that the Vikings will likely be heading home with a loss in tow.

But that Harvin subplot, man — How much will he play? Are his legs back? Has he been healthy for weeks now, and preparing in wait to blow up against the team that traded him? — should make this game fun to watch.

Carlisle deserves immense respect for pulling a team starring Seth Curry, Yogi Ferrell, Harrison Barnes, and Dirk Nowitzki to relative respectability. A playoff nod would have gotten Carlisle into the conversation.

Now I’ve spent the last three years quietly hoping this outcome would happen. Gold medals are cool and I like international hockey, but not if it costs my team a Stanley Cup.

I mean, I feel bad for the players. Alex Ovechkin is a wonderful human being and I want him to be happy.

But I’d also like him to be healthy and win a Stanley Cup, y’know? Or Carey Price. Or Henrik Lundqvist. And so on.


The Cavaliers stink now, but will this carry over to the playoffs?


There’s no getting around this: Cleveland’s defense is straight up bad. It’s the worst defense a LeBron James team has had in more than a decade. Even when it seems as though the Cavaliers are set up for a narrative-changing course correction, they give up 100 points.

Offense: Giovani Bernard, Running Back, Cincinnati Bengals: No change here. For the last month or so, Giovani Bernard has been the pick for Offensive Rookie of the Year. Eddie Lacy and Zac Stacy have a chance to push him, but Bernard has made a consistently positive impact on his offense since the beginning of the season. His workload is only getting bigger, so expect big things from him down the stretch.

Week 11 in the NFL had blustery wind conditions, important matchups with playoff potential and larger questions at quarterback. It still gave us a few excellent plays, and the strangest Terry Bradshaw moment of the season.

The Cincinnati Bengals needed to find creative ways to fight through the wind whipping through Paul Brown Stadium. Andy Dalton struggled to fight through crosswinds in a Week 10 game against Baltimore, and on Sunday the team tried a touch of trickery when they needed to go deep.

Johnson, who is regarded as one of the nicer and more level-headed players in the NFL, did the smart thing by walking away instead of adding fuel to the fire. He headed to the locker room with a couple of seconds still left on the game clock, though all Oakland had to do at that point was just take a knee at that point. The loss marks Houston’s eighth straight loss, and the fifth time they’ve lost by five points or fewer.


Ichiro Suzuki wants to play until he’s 50


‘We have also begun work on an information portal for our campus to answer questions, and share policies and guidelines as they are developed through the UA System,’ he said.

They converted a fourth-and-10 with Brady hitting Rob Gronkowski for a big gain. New England crossed midfield and then deeper into Carolina territory when the Panthers were flagged for pass interference with 12 seconds to play. With four seconds to play and at the Carolina 18-yard line, Brady fired a last-ditch pass toward the end zone which was intercepted.

The first half was much rougher on the USMNT in this match than their game on Friday, struggling to even get coherent attacks going at times. Panama realized quickly that the referee was going to be on the lenient side with his whistle and took full advantage of it, playing an extremely physical defense that left US attackers bruised and wondering where their help was supposed to come from.

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It was a Jekyll and Hyde performance from the Colts.


Fast-forward. The team finally has a superstar, arguably its first. The franchise demanded that Cam Newton become a star. He was a Heisman winner who wasn’t Chris Weinke, a proven champion who was supposed to finally bring consistency to a woefully unreliable team.

Newton arrived in the NFL with an expectation things would come naturally and was humbled 19 times as the Panthers had back-to-back losing seasons. The young quarterback came under fire for his demeanor, his attitude and his towel.

Osmosis was supposed to pull success from Newton into the Panthers, but playing for this team leached it from him instead. Slowly, the ultra-competitive quarterback began to become complacent, the player that seethed and abhorred losing fell into the well-worn treadmill of stock statements and media placation. Carolina was once again soulless, and it felt like there was no lack of urgency starting with head coach Ron Rivera.

Morris carried the ball just nine times in the second half, erasing Washington’s good first half tendencies and reverting to bad habits. Unable to control the clock the team faltered, while the Vikings had less success on the ground, but they better understood that making Adrian Peterson the focal point would give them success.

It was a Jekyll and Hyde performance from the Colts. The team’s defense allowed two rushing touchdowns from Chris Johnson in the first quarter while struggling on offense. Protection wasn’t there for Luck, and he was routinely pressured, which killed the deep passing game. Trent Richardson wasn’t able to run, receivers weren’t getting open and even turning to trick plays was ineffective.


Kansas football still has an early top-15 class. Can KU keep its 2 Louisiana 4-stars?


Last weekend I took a trip to New Orleans for the Nike Opening Regional Camp. One of the themes that stood out was the talented group of players committed to the University of Kansas.

Five weeks ago, Kansas had a top-five recruiting class. Green’s later years were touched by tragedy. In 2011, his 9-year-old granddaughter, Christina, was killed in Arizona in a shooting that targeted Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Christina was the daughter of Green’s son, John, who works as a national cross-checker for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

I don’t know what’s in the water in Lawrence, but whatever it is, David Beaty better bottle it and hold it near and dear to his heart forever. This month, Beaty got verbals from three four-star recruits. WR JaMarr Chase, WR Devonta Jason, and CB Corione Harris all committed to the Jayhawks, part of a load of six early KU commits from Louisiana.

It’s dipped a bit, but KU is still in the top 15. That’s surprising.

Drew Brees just had one of the best seasons of his career after throwing for 5,200 yards and 37 touchdowns, but he’s also 38 years old. While it’s possible he launches passes downfield through his mid-40s, it makes sense for New Orleans to write up a contingency plan for his eventual retirement.

“He can talk all about his brand, talk about his sons, talk about basketball, talk about me. But keep my family out of this.”

In his Fox Sports Radio interview on Thursday, Ball responded with general indifference toward James’ threat.

“It’s just like people saying, ‘Keep my family’s mouth’ — whatever they’re saying, I don’t care. They’re not going to stop me from doing what I’m doing,” Ball said. “If they take a little edgy edge on it and they get a little touchy because I answered something a certain way, who cares?”

Adrian Peterson free agency: Raiders emerge among 3 best fits for RB


Adrian Peterson a while back provided not-so-subtle hints that if he couldn’t finish his career with the Vikings, he wouldn’t mind doing so with the Giants.

Now that Peterson will actually get to pick his second NFL team as an unrestricted free agent, don’t expect him to end up there.

The matchups include a rematch of January is NFC Championship, a perfect-world, Derek-Carr-stays-healthy clash between the Raiders and Patriots, and somehow, more Philip Rivers. As the quest to crown the league is most exciting offense continues, players like Odell Beckham Jr., David Johnson, Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, and Tyreek Hill have no recourse but to wait and hope the difference between a good and elite playmaking squad can be found in the 2017 NFL draft.

Blitz is simplistic technology means the power to make Alex Smith ignore a wide open Tyreek Hill is now in your hands. The Chiefs have some solid pieces in place, but they are never going to win an offense-only shootout by pitting Smith up against Drew Brees.

Chargers-Giants is the toughest matchup of the Blitz Bracket is second round. Los Angeles at full strength gets solid advantages at tailback and tight end, but New York is dynamic receiving corps nets a big win at WR1 and a more even matchup at WR2. (Allen vs. Marshall is a debate that could arc in several different directions given the questions surrounding each talented wideout.) In the end, a coin flip gives this one to LA.