Selection Sunday 2017: What to expect when the NCAA bracket is revealed


The greatest Sunday of the sports calendar year and perhaps America’s most celebrated nonofficial holiday has finally arrived. Selection Sunday means hours of speculation, then an hour of observance, followed by a few more hours of reaction and predictions. The entire day is a symphony.

Check out our full NCAA bracket, updating live throughout March Madness. You can find a printable bracket here.

Reporters wanted to ask the pair if they were tired on Saturday after playing four games in four days. Naturally, fatigue crept in a little, but it’s something they’re both used to. Giles compared it to practicing four days in a row earlier in the season, which he admitted might have been more difficult than the games themselves. Then he smiled, and with Tatum sitting by his side, compared the short turnarounds to his time on the EYBL circuit.

This time, the competition was stronger and the lights brighter. The biggest difference, however, is that his friend Tatum was on his side instead of on the other bench. Just like the two had planned.

Coach Krzyzewski said that didn’t matter.

“Harry wants to be at Duke,” he said “I love him for that, and these guys know that too, and they love him. He’s always up. He’s got such a good personality.”

Slowly, Giles has built himself back up. Late in Duke’s semifinal win over North Carolina, he caught another lob from Allen, and that moment sparked a memory for Tatum.

“That was a flashback of what he used to do all the time,” Tatum said.

“He’s Big Play J,” Giles said. “He’s going to get it done every time. I know him.”15

Hayes falls under that change.


4 adults, 1 baby, and a banana protested Washington’s NFL team on Friday morning

Angry Washington NFL fans decided to hold a rally on Friday morning to express their anger at the organization after an infuriating first day of free agency.

Over the course of his career, Hayes has been a 4-3 defensive end. With Wade Phillips now their defensive coordinator and switching to a 3-4, the move shouldn’t be too shocking, all things considered.

Phillips said in late January when he was hired, “Four out of the last six teams I’ve gone to were running a 4-3, and we went to a 3-4 and went to the playoffs every year, and they hadn’t been to the playoffs the year before,” via ESPN. “I think we can fit whatever we need to fit in. And if we couldn’t, we would change.”

Hayes falls under that change.

If Hayes’ name rings a bell but you aren’t sure why, it might be because the man not only believes that mermaids exist, but he also believes that dinosaurs do not exist.

The trade gives the Rams eight selections in Rounds 2-7 in the 2017 NFL Draft. They’ve been one of the more busy teams early in free agency, signing wideout Robert Woods, signing Andrew Whitworth, and re-signing Rodger Saffold.

But seniors Picasso Nelson Jr. and Tarvarius Moore are keepers, and Hopson attempted to address this need in recruiting, bringing in a pair of JUCOs (Xavier Marion, Tyler Jack) and a couple of mid-three-star freshmen (Emanuel Dabney, WyDale Flott).
Attacking experience and a green set of safeties? Is it possible to be even more all-or-nothing than Southern Miss was? The Golden Eagles ranked ninth in success rate and 127th in IsoPPP (which measures the magnitude of the successful plays), so the bar is both high and low.

These responses to Dirk Nowitzki’s 30K points show us how much his peers love him


Dirk Nowitzki scored his 30,000th point on Tuesday night, and while the entire NBA celebrated his monumental achievement some of the best messages came from the players and people who know him best. Former teammates and people close to the Mavericks sent some really sweet messages.

Big congrats to my buddy Dirk! 30 stacks!!! Only six players in the history of the game have scored 30,000 points. On this day in ’98 I would’ve never believed you’d still be with the @Mavs, be an MVP, NBA Champ and in the 30k club no matter how many nights we went back to the gym for 1 on 1 and shooting battles. Unreal, historic, clutch player and better person.

Who would have ever thought this kid I carried for 1 season would go on to be the best player in Mavs history.

Official team practices don’t start for five months, but that doesn’t mean the NFL offseason will be boring. Contract extensions, free agency drama, and the 2017 NFL draft will ensure the league remains in the news throughout the spring and into the summer.

Headlines will emerge from the ether to fuel debate. Last season, it was moves like Josh Norman getting de-franchise tagged, DeMarco Murray moving to Nashville, and everything that happened to Laremy Tunsil on draft night. This year, almost anything is in play.

But plenty of breaking news will come from expected sources. A handful of veteran quarterbacks are set to find new homes in 2017, led by four-time Pro Bowler Tony Romo. Standouts like Le’Veon Bell, Dont’a Hightower, and Eric Berry are all set to ink new contracts with their teams — or send the free-agent market into a frenzy by refusing.

Here’s a breakdown of the biggest stories set to dominate the NFL’s news cycle before the draft this spring.2

NBA scouts flocked to Adelaide to watch the potential-filled teenager


It wasn’t the perfect season for the rookie, who had his ups and downs, but, when asked if he’d recommend this pathway to others who were in his position, his response was clear.

“I’ve already done that,” he said.

“I’ve told players that want to go to college, ‘don’t go to college’. I’ve already been working; I’ve been recruiting for Australia.

“I enjoyed my journey over here, and I definitely feel like it was a smart route to take, so I’ll definitely encourage other players. Especially if they’re, for sure, a draft pick; I’d definitely encourage them to come overseas and live this life.”

Ferguson entered the NBL season as, essentially, a lock to be chosen in the first round of the 2017 Draft, and that’s unlikely to have changed.

The three-time junior national team gold medallist wouldn’t divulge which teams have been speaking with his agent, but admits he has ‘a whole list’ at his home.

NBA scouts flocked to Adelaide to watch the potential-filled teenager — often coming for just the night to watch him — with all 30 teams sending a representative at some point throughout the course of the season. Now, Ferguson is back in the United States, and is looking ahead toward June’s draft, But, he’ll never forget the incredible time he spent in Adelaide.

“I’ll miss the whole 36ers family,” Ferguson said.

“Everyone’s so close. Especially my teammates, my coaches.

“I’ll definitely miss the fans because, every time I see them, they’re just very encouraging. They’re always thinking about my future, which is crazy to me. To have other people caring about me; thinking about how I am and how my future is gonna go.

“That’s pretty amazing to see from them, so I’ll definitely miss the 36ers family.”14

NBA spokesman Mike Bass affirmed Jeanie Buss’ role with the Lakers in a statement.


“Jeanie Buss is the sole Governor of the Los Angeles Lakers and under league rules, she has control over the team,” the statement said. “She has not only been a terrific leader for the Lakers organization, guiding the business before and after her father’s passing, but an incredibly influential voice among all our team owners.”

Last week, Jeanie Buss replaced her brother Jim as president of the Lakers’ basketball operations with Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

The Lakers have to vote on a board of directors and controlling owner every year, sources told ESPN. Since 2013 — the year of Dr. Buss’ death — there have been three votes to affirm Jeanie as controlling owner. This year’s vote has not yet taken place.

Lewis’ book does have a basketball tie: The first chapter (excerpted on Slate) is all about how the Houston Rockets have evaluated draft prospects under general manager Daryl Morey, including how they learned from some early mistakes.

March is the month when fluffy players are streamlined, new pitches are learned, and new swings lead to better results. March is when your favorite injured player becomes your favorite healthy player, no, seriously, this time for real, just look at him.

March is when some random A-baller who isn’t on the 40-man roster thumps a couple homers and makes you think, “Maybe, just maybe.”

It’s a hideous, Splenda-coated optimism, though, filled with false notes that your brain susses out immediately. You know it means nothing. You know that for every surprising development that’s sustained in the regular season, there are 30 that you’ll never think about again. You build this knowledge into how you approach the whole month, too. It’s why you don’t care about wins and losses. It’s why you don’t even bother looking at Grapefruit League standings before you make your predictions for the season.


Cousins was drafted in the fourth round in 2012 to be the backup


Earlier this season, Hornacek, in his first season in New York, de-emphasized the triangle, saying at one point that the club was running it “much less” than 50 percent of the time. Hornacek said late last week, though, that the club has been running the triangle more often in games after the All-Star break. He added that Jackson was not behind the decision.

Jackson, of course, won a combined 11 championships while using the triangle offense as a coach in Chicago and Los Angeles, but the Knicks have struggled to run the offense during Jackson’s presidency.

“I can’t figure out how you can hire a coach and tell him how you want him to play,” former Knicks coach Larry Brown said of the Phil Jackson-Jeff Hornacek dynamic.

Revis, a first-round pick in 2007, ascended to stardom early in his career and became known as the premier cornerback in the NFL. His ability to dominate the top receivers launched the “Revis Island” moniker.

“When you’re dealing with a player of Darrelle’s caliber, these decisions are extremely hard to make,” general manager Mike Maccagnan said. “We all have a great deal of respect for Darrelle and the significance of his time with the Jets cannot be overstated. He provided an example of how a pro should approach his craft and established his place in NFL history as one of the best at his position.”

Revis also became known for his contract problems, and a bitter dispute led to his trade to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2012. The Jets received a first-round pick from the Bucs, which they used to select defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson.

Cousins was drafted in the fourth round in 2012 to be the backup — and insurance policy — for Robert Griffin III, who was taken with the second overall pick that year. He started four games his first two seasons, one as a rookie replacement for an injured Griffin.

In 2013, Cousins started the final three games as the team benched Griffin, saying they wanted him healthy to work out in the offseason.

this should be a fairly even matchup between two of the NFC’s best teams


First of all, when Arizona sets up prior to the snap, they do a great job of not tipping their hand to the offense–milling about, playing off the line, or apparently locked in to man coverage outside. Colin Kaepernick (or any quarterback, or sometimes center) has to set protections based on what the defense is showing. Are there six defenders that look like they’re going to rush? He’s got to call a protection scheme that protects against six. What Arizona does well is to make it look like pressure will come from the left, for instance, then rush from the right (dropping players on the left into coverage).

Another thing that they like to do is the double or triple A-Gap blitz. The A-gaps are the two gaps between the center and guards. Below, you can see the center and running back pick up the double A-gap blitz by No. 50 and No. 36. What they haven’t accounted for in their protection is the delayed third blitzer, No. 22 Tony Jefferson.

“I want people to look at it and see that this man, for the time he was on this earth, did a lot of good for a lot of people.”

“Sean Taylor: A Football Life” airs Friday, September 26 at 9 p.m. ET on NFL Network.

The OVER is 7-1 in the last eight meetings between these two teams and 8-2 in Philadelphia’s last 10 games on the road. Sunday’s total is set at 50.5 at sportsbooks monitored by

If the first three weeks of the season are any indication, San Francisco should take a big lead in the first half and lose it in the second. Of course, both of these coaches will be grilling their teams this week about putting in a full 60-minute effort.

Regardless of how it plays out, this should be a fairly even matchup between two of the NFC’s best teams, providing some value on the team getting the points at Philadelphia +5.5

Alex Reyes news starts Cardinals season on a bleak note


The Alex Reyes news hits the St. Louis Cardinals right where they live.

Something wasn’t right from the minute the team’s hulking, baby-faced pitcher set foot in the clubhouse Tuesday morning. He politely declined an interview request, saying he had somewhere to be. That somewhere turned out to be an appointment with a doctor that led to an MRI tube that led to the grim realization that one of the brightest young talents in the game could be dimmed for at least a year.

Nowadays, the prognosis for injuries like this is pretty encouraging long-term. Reyes is only 22 years old. He’d be nuts to prolong what could prove to be the inevitable if doctors think it truly is inevitable.

He might as well get it addressed now rather than wait until the prime of his career, his best earning years, when the team will need him the most. He and the Cardinals have known since the spring of 2013 that things could be heading this way. The first time doctors found a partial tear — also known as a strain — they were able to keep him on the field with an injection of platelet-rich plasma. Now, it looks as if they’ll have to cut open his elbow and replace the ligament.

What do the Brewers, Blue Jays, and A’s all have in common? According to Grant Brisbee, they all have underrated strengths that you should keep an eye on this season.
As they arrived for camp, the Arizona Wildcats decided to take a hint from a beloved (albeit fictional) Cleveland team from the past.

The injury to Alex Reyes makes this piece on imagining the Cardinals as sellers this season a bit more relevant.

Ravens announce release of Chris Canty as they continue to try to create cap space for 2015 moves


The Ravens signed the former Giants defensive tackle in 2013 to a three-year deal. He recorded one sack and a total of four quarterback pressures last season. Canty saw his workload decline over the last two years, from 579 snaps in 2013 to just 360 regular season snaps last year. The move saves Baltimore $3.3 million in cap space.

“Even though I will think about it every day, I hope one day I will be remembered for something else,” Bostick wrote. “I do know this: If I ever get another chance to play in a conference championship game, no matter what uniform I’m wearing, I will take a moment to apologize to my teammates on the 2014 Packers.”

The NFL moved the NFL draft away from New York City this year for the first time in decades. Instead, the annual player selection meeting will be held in Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre. The league has made it known that the draft could become a roaming event that takes place in a new location each year. It may not even take multiple years. According to Marla Ridenour of the Akron Beacon Journal, Rodger Goodell said the NFL has discussed having each of the draft’s seven rounds in a separate location.

Regardless of whether that plan comes to fruition, Hall of Famer Dan Dierdorf would like to see the draft hosted in Canton, Ohio. Canton is already host to the Hall of Fame, the yearly induction and even a preseason game. While Canton could indeed host the draft in theory, the league probably has its eyes on bigger cities.

Texans offensive tackle David Quessenberry was entering his second season in the NFL when he learned some horrifying news. After feeling fatigued and battling with persistent cough, doctors diagnosed him with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a form of cancer. Quessenberry spent the rest of the season on the Non-Football Illness list while receiving treatment. On Wednesday, Quessenberry revealed some exciting news on his Twitter account.

Quessenberry told David Nuno of ABC 13 that he finished radiation two weeks ago. It’s unclear whether he plans on returning to football anytime soon, but that’s unimportant relative to the potentially deadly health scare he has overcome.

Vikings reportedly give Adrian Peterson $20 million guaranteed in restructured contract


The Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson have agreed to a restructured contract, according to a news release from the team. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed by the team, but it covers the last three years of the seven-year, $96 million contract Peterson signed in 2011.

Sources told Pro Football Talk that Peterson will earn $20 million guaranteed, part of which is guaranteed only for injury. PFT suggests that Peterson’s $13 million due this season will be fully guaranteed, with the remaining $7 million due to Peterson at the commencement of the 2016 waiver period or league year, giving the Vikings the option of moving on from the running back before the start of free agency if need be.

Peterson’s last deal, which made him the highest paid running back in the NFL, came with $36 million guaranteed. The restructure is believed to add more guaranteed money while bringing down his annual base salaries and cap hit.

“I appreciate the Vikings for working together on this restructured contract, which provides additional security for me but also allows opportunities for me to further prove my value to the team and within the NFL,” Peterson said in a statement. “It was important for me to continue my career in Minnesota, and I cannot wait to get on the field in front of Vikings fans again.”

Peterson was due base salaries of $12.75 million this season, $14.75 million in 2016 and $16.75 million in 2017, the final year of his deal. His cap hit this season was sitting at a hefty $15.4 million. The cap charge for the final two years of the deal was $15 million and $17 million.

The Vikings described the restructuring as positive for both sides.

“This agreement is a win for both Adrian and the Vikings and is a positive step toward Adrian finishing his career as a Minnesota Viking,” Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said. “As we have consistently said, Adrian is a valuable part of the Vikings organization and we look forward to his return to the field.”