Aaron Rodgers improvised on the Packers’ play that set up the game-winning field goal


We’re all still shocked at the game we saw between the Packers and the Cowboys. After the Packers jumped out to a 21-3 lead, the Cowboys fought back, before the Packers went on one last drive to put themselves in position for the game-winning field goal.

On that drive, Aaron Rodgers hit Jared Cook with a perfectly placed pass that Cook turned into an even more spectacular catch.

After the game, Randall Cobb said that play wasn’t designed at all:

It’s things like drawing up plays randomly at the most crucial times that always make for the best stories, right?

“I placed my hands on Porter’s chest to prevent him from advancing back towards Neskow,” the officer wrote. “Porter grabbed both of my wrists, pushing them back towards me. Porter’s grasp was so strong and he was holding my wrists so tightly that I could not pull them away from him, no matter how hard I tried. Porter was extremely agitated and after my observations of him grabbing Neskow and now grabbing me, I believed that he was going to cause me serious injury.”

Porter was taken to the Allegheny County Jail and charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest, public drunkenness and terroristic threats, per the Pittsburgh Police Department. On Monday morning, he posted $25,000 bail and released.

There are two possible options here, and both of them are very plausible:

He knows social media platforms have a “Face” on the end or start of their names. He thinks it’s possible the face belongs to somebody.

Chris Johnson posts his gunshot wound on Instagram and NOPE


Chris Johnson will reportedly be a member of the Arizona Cardinals if everything goes well. It appears he wants to be as honest and transparent as possible before signing with a team. He may be disclosing more information than he should in his latest Instagram post, however.

Earlier this year, Johnson was shot in the shoulder in a drive-by shooting. He’s fine now, but he still has a nasty wound that he felt like sharing.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re squeamish, please don’t look at Chris Johnson’s wound.

Are you sure you want to see it? Just making sure. You can view his gunshot wound below using the slider:

This is a substantial blow to the Cardinals’ offensive line, as the club hoped to pair Iupati with tackle Jared Veldheer on the left side. In San Francisco, Iupati played alongside one of the best left tackles in the game, Joe Staley.

Arizona had one of the worst offensive lines in football last season, and the unit has already taken a couple of hits so far in training camp. Right tackle Bobby Massie was suspended for three games earlier this month for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Though Iupati had a bit of a down season in 2014 — he often struggled in pass coverage — the Cardinals were expecting him to play an integral role this year.

Arizona was decimated by injuries in 2014, and losing its starting left guard for at least the first six weeks of the regular season was almost certainly not how head coach Bruce Arians envisioned starting the preseason.

it will be forced stardom playing with the Kansas City Chiefs


For Marcus Peters, it will be forced stardom playing with the Kansas City Chiefs. The team’s first-round pick faces Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers in just the second and third games of his career. Compounding that pressure is the fact that Chiefs No. 1 corner Sean Smith is suspended for those games. When he comes back, Peters may actually be the best corner on Kansas City’s roster. Peters comes into the NFL possessing the size, speed, instincts and athleticism teams covet in a cornerback.

The Chargers taking running back Melvin Gordon in the first round of the draft was one of the more obvious choices this year, and justly so. San Diego needed a true lead running back, and Gordon was arguably the best one in the draft. A threat to score whenever he touches the ball in space, Gordon will help give San Diego’s offense balance.

Anderson is currently playing on a two-year, $2.6 million contract that he signed in March 2014. He is set to receive a base salary of $1.175 million this year and can earn up to $64,000 in gameday active roster bonuses plus a $25,000 workout bonus, per

The 2005 sixth-round pick out of Oregon State is considered one of the most dependable backups in the league. This is a smart decision by the Panthers to lock up Anderson now, giving them a reliable safety net in case Newton goes down again in the next two seasons.

The show requires a army of producers, editors, make-up artists, camera operators, fact checkers,and interns behind the scenes to make it go. The producton studio resembles a upgraded version of a NASA control room except there job is to launch stars back to earth and into the homes of millions.

Williams was the best player in this year’s draft, and has done well for himself in the preseason. The versatile Williams can play the run and will create disruption in the passing game.

Browns are hiring Gregg Williams as new defensive coordinator


After a miserable 1-15 season, the Cleveland Browns are making a change in their coaching ranks. Gone is defensive coordinator Ray Horton, and the Browns are hiring Gregg Williams to fill his place, the team announced. Williams spent the past three years with the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams.

“We are thrilled that Gregg Williams is joining our staff as defensive coordinator,” Brown head coach Hue Jackson said. “Gregg has been an outstanding defensive coach in this league for a very long time. His defenses have frequently finished among the top 10 in the league. He adapts his scheme to maximize the strengths of his personnel and has always been able to get the most out of his players. We look forward to him coming in, helping our players improve and helping us become the winning team we are all working towards.”

The Steelers would recover the fumble, and were in great field position as a result. If the Dolphins are unable to turn things around soon, their season might not last much longer.

Cal even alluded to the severity of the situation in its statement, adding:

Our objective is long-term financial sustainability for our department. In order to do this, we understand that investing in football is critical. We believe that this change will reinvigorate the program, stimulate lagging ticket sales and renewals, and energize our donor base.

So Cal is hoping that by spending additional money now, it’ll get a better coach, sell more tickets, and raise the money needed to cover expensive debt service payments.
Thanks to that extension, it’ll need to pay even more money. Dykes reportedly will get a buyout of $5 million dollars. Telling a student-athlete that you might need to cut his or her sport, while turning around to give Dykes millions to not coach, sounds like a difficult conversation.

On The Relevance Of The Winter Classic


The NHL’s Winter Classic has been the league’s flagship event since 2008. Like much that the league does, there’s contention over the execution. It’s hard to argue that the first one, at Ralph Wilson Stadium, wasn’t a spectacle that was the start of something special. With over 71,000 people in attendance, goalies in toques (!), and Sidney Crosby doing Crosby things, it was a great inauguration to the concept of the outdoor game.

The 2009 Winter Classic was also a sight to behold at Wrigley. It was the first time that the Blackhawks and Red Wings were featured in an outdoor game, and it was again a major event. The Flyers and Bruins at Fenway continued the tradition of picturesque baseball stadiums and classic teams that are able to draw on deep history and natural rivalries to hold fan and media interest.

The Hawks have won at least 40 games in seven of the last eight seasons. They’ve been exceptionally steady despite a constantly rotating cast of contributors, without a single star carrying them through that stretch. Potentially making moves this season fits their usual practices.

This roster just isn’t working together like the Hawks had hoped. They’ve cratered since starting 9-2 this season. Dwight Howard has been superb in the front court, and Dennis Schroder is leading the team in scoring after replacing Jeff Teague, but Atlanta’s top-five defense hasn’t been enough to make up for a painfully average offense.

Andrew Luck couldn’t have been more excited after taking the lead on the Jaguars


The Indianapolis Colts came from behind to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday afternoon. While the win doesn’t mean anything for either team outside of draft position, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was really excited.

Luck was running off the field, pumping his hands in the air with excitement after his team finally took the lead.

We’re not sure what that was, but it was awesome.

The game went to overtime tied 21-21, and when Mitchell was penalized, the Browns were driving to try to take a lead. Cleveland ended up settling for a field goal. The Steelers were able to get into the end zone on the ensuing drive, winning the game 27-24.

Despite the limited weapons, Bradford did what he could, throwing for 3,877 yards and 20 touchdowns to just five interceptions. The No. 1 overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, Bradford never quite lived up to his potential with the St. Louis Rams or Eagles, but he’s since developed into a steady journeyman under center.

If Bridgewater is unable to return in time next season, the Vikings at least know they can count on Bradford, who’s under contract for one more year. The big challenge in the offseason will be to upgrade the line and build a credible offense to complement their top-tier defense. The Vikings have a lot of promising talent on their roster, but it didn’t all come together like they were hoping it would this year.

the cubs won the games


THERE’S ONE RESEARCH paper in the field of happiness science that is particularly unhappy. Its authors set out to measure how long the positive mental effects of a good experience, such as earning a promotion, lasted. Three months, they found. Ninety measly days. Your happiness, as brief as a moth’s life.

On Nov. 2, the Cubs won the seventh game of the World Series and finally had everything they ever wanted. On Feb. 12, the first pitchers and catchers will report to major league spring training. November to December to January to February: three months. This ticking clock seems a perverse repurposing of those four words Cubs fans have clung to for generations. Wait ’til next year, indeed.

Stu Shea, our Cubs fan since ’69, lived through the unfulfilled promise of rosters studded with Ernie Banks and Billy Williams and Fergie Jenkins and Ron Santo. He trudged into and out of Wrigley Field for hundreds of losses that brought heartache and for hundreds of wins that led only to dead ends. He saw Kerry Wood strike out 20 on a May afternoon, and then he saw Kerry Wood’s career break into fragments. He joined a cult that self-identified as “losers.” He went to Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS and, after watching Moises Alou erupt when a fan named Steve Bartman attempted to catch a foul ball, Shea walked outside with a Cubs fan base that, he recalls, “felt that something had gone bad in the universe.”

The next day, he made the decision not to seek the hedonic sort of well-being from the team anymore, and he mostly ignored Game 7. “I went through a total change; 2003 was the last year I would say I was a fan in the traditional way.”

But there’s another approach that psychologists take to studying happiness, one that strikes to the core of Shea’s fandom: eudaimonic well-being, which describes a sense of meaning, self-realization, purpose. It’s what Aristotle meant when he said, “Happiness turns out to be an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue.”

Andrew Luck wasn’t sacked Saturday but he was still pressured on 16 dropbacks


Andrew Luck wasn’t sacked Saturday but he was still pressured on 16 dropbacks. Luck scrambled for a touchdown and threw for a touchdown, his 10th and 11th scores of the season when pressured (second most in the NFL).

However, both of Luck’s interceptions came when under duress. He’s now thrown seven interceptions when pressured this season, tied with Philip Rivers for most in the NFL.

The Colts had an opportunity to go into the half with a 14-13 lead when they had the ball at Oakland’s 29-yard line and Luck forced a throw into double coverage in the end zone while facing pressure again.

“Cam played through a back injury once he had a car wreck,” Benjamin reminded of the 2014 season when Newton returned two weeks after breaking bones in his back during an automobile accident near Bank of America Stadium.

Greg Olsen, who became the first tight end in NFL history to record three consecutive 1,000-yard receiving seasons with a 17-yard catch in the second quarter, also defended Newton.

“It’s a lot of stuff,” he said. “We haven’t played well around him. It’s a lot of things we call could do better to make him have more opportunities to deliver, whether that’s getting open or protections or whatever.

“The thing about playing quarterback, sometimes everybody wants to pin the downfalls on your shoulders, and that’s not necessarily the case. It’s been one of those years where we haven’t been able to find our groove consistently, but by no means does it fall on one guy.”

But perhaps it’s time for that one guy to take a step back for the rest of this season and join Kuechly as a spectator.