Super Bowl 51 hype video will pump you up for Patriots vs. Falcons

Peterman doesn’t have any wowing arm talent, ball placement or mobility to merit a high draft pick. But after a strong Senior Bowl in which he highlighted his pro readiness in his footwork, timing and pocket awareness, Peterman may be the most pro-ready quarterback mentally and fundamentally in the draft.

He’ll draw comparisons to Kirk Cousins for his relative blandness as a prospect yet perceived safeness as a quarterback, and his floor is likely the third round. Like Cousins, in the right system and in time, he might emerge as a viable starter. Though I wouldn’t invest a top-two round pick in Peterman with the hopes that he’d eventually become Cousins.

The weeks leading up to the Super Bowl annually provide endless previews for the big game. Microanalysis takes over. Ridiculous prop bets are placed. Parties are planned. The hype is real. Super Bowl 51 between the Patriots and Falcons is no different.

So of course a movie preview-like Super Bowl hype video has been produced.

As Vikings GM, the only time I signed an often-injured quarterback to be our starter was during the 1993 season. We brought in Jim McMahon at age 34, and it was a relatively successful move. The former Bears Super Bowl-winning quarterback led our Vikings to the playoffs as a 9-7 wild card.

But we had to hold our breath and hope McMahon would hold up physically. He did miss four games that season with various injuries. So we did not re-sign McMahon the following year and instead decided to trade for Warren Moon, also an older but more durable vet.

Most important: I did not take on the risk of a huge contract with the McMahon signing — $1.6 million on a one-year deal plus incentives.chargers_215-168x168

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