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NBA playoffs 2017: Grizzlies players show David Fizdale’s fine worth more than $30K


Grizzlies coach David Fizdale proved he has his players’ backs with his postgame rant Monday night. His team wants him to know the feeling is mutual.

After the NBA announced Fizdale would be fined $30,000 for being highly critical of the officiating in the Grizzlies’ Game 2 loss against the Spurs, Memphis guard Mike Conley sent a message to Fizdale showing his appreciation. According to Ronald Tillery of The Commercial Appeal, Conley texted Fizdale early Tuesday morning to say thank you and inform him players would collectively pay for his fine.

The Warriors were out of sync from the beginning, forcing bad passes and even bouncing passes off of their own players’ backs. The 102 points is a playoff low for the Warriors, and forced Golden State to find another way to beat the physical Jazz.

We had to win the game on the defensive end, Durant told ESPN following the game. Ninety-one points is pretty good, they only shot 39 percent from the field and that got it done.

The Jazz dirtied up the game like they wanted to, forcing Green into a technical foul in the first half. That actually ignited a 17-4 run for the Jazz. It allowed Utah to take a 50-59 lead into halftime and Utah built a nine-point lead in the third quarter.

There was nothing wrong with adding Korver or Deron Williams late in the season, but adding them both tacked more years onto a roster that already looked like it was assembled by James Naismith. If you want a clear picture of how creaky the Cleveland bench was as the reigning world champs were being buried deep in the first half, consider not one of Korver (36), Channing Frye (33), Richard Jefferson (36) or Shumpert reached 10 full minutes on the court — and every one of them was at least minus-10. Korver hit two 3-pointers and still was a minus-18 in 9:44 of PT.