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NBA spokesman Mike Bass affirmed Jeanie Buss’ role with the Lakers in a statement.


“Jeanie Buss is the sole Governor of the Los Angeles Lakers and under league rules, she has control over the team,” the statement said. “She has not only been a terrific leader for the Lakers organization, guiding the business before and after her father’s passing, but an incredibly influential voice among all our team owners.”

Last week, Jeanie Buss replaced her brother Jim as president of the Lakers’ basketball operations with Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

The Lakers have to vote on a board of directors and controlling owner every year, sources told ESPN. Since 2013 — the year of Dr. Buss’ death — there have been three votes to affirm Jeanie as controlling owner. This year’s vote has not yet taken place.

Lewis’ book does have a basketball tie: The first chapter (excerpted on Slate) is all about how the Houston Rockets have evaluated draft prospects under general manager Daryl Morey, including how they learned from some early mistakes.

March is the month when fluffy players are streamlined, new pitches are learned, and new swings lead to better results. March is when your favorite injured player becomes your favorite healthy player, no, seriously, this time for real, just look at him.

March is when some random A-baller who isn’t on the 40-man roster thumps a couple homers and makes you think, “Maybe, just maybe.”

It’s a hideous, Splenda-coated optimism, though, filled with false notes that your brain susses out immediately. You know it means nothing. You know that for every surprising development that’s sustained in the regular season, there are 30 that you’ll never think about again. You build this knowledge into how you approach the whole month, too. It’s why you don’t care about wins and losses. It’s why you don’t even bother looking at Grapefruit League standings before you make your predictions for the season.