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6 NFL draft predictions that will surprise you early


Twists and turns happen every year: players sliding out of the first round, big trades, and kickers getting picked early. Here are a few curveballs to watch for on draft night.

He repeated it three times. Belichick then preached ball security, preparation and four familiar concepts, starting with the one that gets the most attention and even has its own hashtag: “Do your job” (or #DYJ).

“I know that term gets thrown around a bit, but to me it’s not ‘Do your job,’ it’s ‘Do your job well,'” Belichick said. “We’re not getting paid to show up, we’re getting paid to perform well professionally.”

Pay attention. Work hard. Put the team first. Belichick has weaved simple coaching concepts into a process that has formed a NFL dynasty stretching two decades.

This isn’t the Belichick you’re used to seeing on TV. Instead of the hoodie, Belichick wore a designer suit with matching lavender shirt and pocket square. Instead of delivering monotone two- and three-syllable answers, Belichick dove into a speech delving into a coaching philosophy that has produced five Super Bowl championships with the Patriots — with detailed examples for every step.

He was a great runner. He was good at reading defenses, sometimes fooling them completely, and flicking an easy deep ball. From last season against Bama:

Jim Kelly spoke at some length about his nephew in an Associated Press article in 2015. He said his nephew had a “very special arm.”