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NBA scouts flocked to Adelaide to watch the potential-filled teenager


It wasn’t the perfect season for the rookie, who had his ups and downs, but, when asked if he’d recommend this pathway to others who were in his position, his response was clear.

“I’ve already done that,” he said.

“I’ve told players that want to go to college, ‘don’t go to college’. I’ve already been working; I’ve been recruiting for Australia.

“I enjoyed my journey over here, and I definitely feel like it was a smart route to take, so I’ll definitely encourage other players. Especially if they’re, for sure, a draft pick; I’d definitely encourage them to come overseas and live this life.”

Ferguson entered the NBL season as, essentially, a lock to be chosen in the first round of the 2017 Draft, and that’s unlikely to have changed.

The three-time junior national team gold medallist wouldn’t divulge which teams have been speaking with his agent, but admits he has ‘a whole list’ at his home.

NBA scouts flocked to Adelaide to watch the potential-filled teenager — often coming for just the night to watch him — with all 30 teams sending a representative at some point throughout the course of the season. Now, Ferguson is back in the United States, and is looking ahead toward June’s draft, But, he’ll never forget the incredible time he spent in Adelaide.

“I’ll miss the whole 36ers family,” Ferguson said.

“Everyone’s so close. Especially my teammates, my coaches.

“I’ll definitely miss the fans because, every time I see them, they’re just very encouraging. They’re always thinking about my future, which is crazy to me. To have other people caring about me; thinking about how I am and how my future is gonna go.

“That’s pretty amazing to see from them, so I’ll definitely miss the 36ers family.”14