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RG3 injury: Redskins star kept out ‘because of the score’, says Mike Shanahan


The Redskins caught a lucky break on Sunday’s loss against the Broncos. Despite taking a massive hit by Denver’s Terrance Knighton, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was ruled “okay” by Dr. James Andrews, according to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport. Head coach Mike Shanahan claims that he kept Griffin out due to the score after the game became a blowout Denver win.

Griffin was thrown to the ground and Knighton landed on his left knee in the fourth quarter. The quarterback grabbed the knee and was inspected on the sideline. Kirk Cousins entered the game shortly after and played in relief of Griffin. The former Baylor Bear finished 15-of-30 for 132 passing yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

With Griffin’s diagnosis, he is likely to play in Week 9. The Redskins will next host the San Diego Chargers in Washington. The Redskins drop to 2-5 following the 41-25 loss to the Broncos in Denver.

Early-season criticism seems to have put Andy Dalton on a path to prove his doubters wrong. Never was this more apparent than on Sunday, as he threw five touchdowns and targeted eight different receivers. In the past, there was a question about whether Dalton was a quality QB, or whether a group of good receivers made him better than he really was. Against the Jets, he showed that he deserves to be in the conversation with the league’s top quarterbacks — even if he does boast a great supporting cast.
The New York Jets are a team with no offensive identity, and that’s why they couldn’t move the ball against the Bengals. This isn’t a product of coaching, but rather inconsistent play at every offensive skill position that makes it tough for a coaching staff to lean on any one weapon. In the past, Rex Ryan teams have been characterized by tough defense and running the football, but the current stable of running backs is awful.

Cousins was drafted in the fourth round in 2012 to be the backup


Earlier this season, Hornacek, in his first season in New York, de-emphasized the triangle, saying at one point that the club was running it “much less” than 50 percent of the time. Hornacek said late last week, though, that the club has been running the triangle more often in games after the All-Star break. He added that Jackson was not behind the decision.

Jackson, of course, won a combined 11 championships while using the triangle offense as a coach in Chicago and Los Angeles, but the Knicks have struggled to run the offense during Jackson’s presidency.

“I can’t figure out how you can hire a coach and tell him how you want him to play,” former Knicks coach Larry Brown said of the Phil Jackson-Jeff Hornacek dynamic.

Revis, a first-round pick in 2007, ascended to stardom early in his career and became known as the premier cornerback in the NFL. His ability to dominate the top receivers launched the “Revis Island” moniker.

“When you’re dealing with a player of Darrelle’s caliber, these decisions are extremely hard to make,” general manager Mike Maccagnan said. “We all have a great deal of respect for Darrelle and the significance of his time with the Jets cannot be overstated. He provided an example of how a pro should approach his craft and established his place in NFL history as one of the best at his position.”

Revis also became known for his contract problems, and a bitter dispute led to his trade to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2012. The Jets received a first-round pick from the Bucs, which they used to select defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson.

Cousins was drafted in the fourth round in 2012 to be the backup — and insurance policy — for Robert Griffin III, who was taken with the second overall pick that year. He started four games his first two seasons, one as a rookie replacement for an injured Griffin.

In 2013, Cousins started the final three games as the team benched Griffin, saying they wanted him healthy to work out in the offseason.