Vikings vs. Seahawks 2017 game preview: Percy Harvin is back

Percy Harvin will be making his debut for the Seattle Seahawks and, yes, he’ll be playing against his former teammates on the Minnesota Vikings. This is a big deal, and makes this game eminently watchable.

Otherwise, Sunday’s game is admittedly not a big a matchup. The Seahawks will almost assuredly be going to the playoffs and the Vikings almost assuredly will not. The fact the game is in Seattle where the Seahawks have now won 12 straight means that the Vikings will likely be heading home with a loss in tow.

But that Harvin subplot, man — How much will he play? Are his legs back? Has he been healthy for weeks now, and preparing in wait to blow up against the team that traded him? — should make this game fun to watch.

Carlisle deserves immense respect for pulling a team starring Seth Curry, Yogi Ferrell, Harrison Barnes, and Dirk Nowitzki to relative respectability. A playoff nod would have gotten Carlisle into the conversation.

Now I’ve spent the last three years quietly hoping this outcome would happen. Gold medals are cool and I like international hockey, but not if it costs my team a Stanley Cup.

I mean, I feel bad for the players. Alex Ovechkin is a wonderful human being and I want him to be happy.

But I’d also like him to be healthy and win a Stanley Cup, y’know? Or Carey Price. Or Henrik Lundqvist. And so on.


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